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Local Businesses And Community Working Together

In the leafy suburb of Finchfield local businesses and local community group Finchfield Estate Community Hub (FECH) have been working together to put on a community event.

‘Finchfield Fun and Games’ which celebrated the Olympic Games had a variety of stalls, activities and events and raised funds for lights at Christmas, on Finchfield Parade green.

The event was held on Saturday 11th August and was well supported by the local community and considered a great success.

Local shop owner Jackie Nicklin of Creative Interiors said ‘It is the first time for months that all the shops have been occupied. I am proud to be part of Finchfield Parade. It is a lively, thriving shopping centre with a variety of businesses, two schools nearby and a café that acts as a great meeting place’.

Linda Cox chair of FECH said, “It’s really been good working together to put something on for the community. I lived here when the shops were first built and there was a real community feel, when everyone knew each other and the shopkeepers by first name. People want to shop local and support local businesses. It is a two-way process.”

The event was also supported by Uplands Junior School and it is hoped they will work with us again in the future. Many of their pupils pass through the shopping parade on a daily basis and would appreciate the twinkling of tree lights.

Most of the people, who attended, kindly walked to the shopping parade, which in itself is a bonus and proves that it really was a local event.